Thursday, March 7, 2013

Imarti at Tiwari Brothers, Burrabazar

Another sweet story! This time a well known Bengali dessert in a North Indian packet.

If you have ever visited Cotton Street, Burrabazar (near Satyanarayan Park A.C. market), you must have noticed the large red glow-sign of Tiwari Brothers. They are famous for many other snacks and desserts like Samosa, Halwa, Ghevar (a special marwari delicacy) etc. Among these an Imarti is always special. Imarti is our beloved "Amriti" or "Omriti", a complex but well designed Jalebi made from Besan; soaked in sugar syrup. Tiwari Bros has added an extra flavour of saffron or Keshar to the syrup for a special flick.

My wife went to buy some Sharees from Burrabazar and I asked her to try Imarti from Tiwari Bros. Not being a dessert-lover, she really enjoyed it.

Amazingly the Imarti stays crunchy for hours and thus a bite will bring a heavenly smile on your face all the time. The size really matters and an Imarti was about the size of your palm. :) last time I had each for Rs.8/- only.

Be patience, because the queue can be of 10 people waiting for Imarti, and do not feel embarrassed if you find people packing 100 pcs!!

Lastly, you can see them making all the Imarti in front of you and truly that's an art!

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