Monday, October 17, 2016

Spice up life with Chili's Grill & Bar, Quest Mall

Do you love Beer?

If you say Yes! Hurrah! Chili's is the best place so far I have found in Kolkata.

They serve Drought Beer!

Yes! You heard me right! I had a chilled pilsner (500 ml) of drought beer along with Smoked Chicken Wings. It was heavenly! Trust me! I love beer and tried many of the bottled one but the fresh beer I had in Chili's was absolutely stunning. It was tasty, it was strong, it was fresh and it was chilled. for past few years I was loosing interest in beer and preferring Rum or Whiskey over it. But if I am in Chili's again I'll have a pitcher for sure. Here is a snap! ;)

Every sip worth it!

Now! if you say you do not like beer, no problemo! Plenty of food choices are there to make (mostly non-veg). A very wide range starting from Dippers, soups, salads and then Mexican, Italian, Steaks, Ribs...I must stop here. Though for the first visit I had smoked wings only as we were running out of time. The wings were fabulous. It made a perfect couple with the pilnser (as you can see peeking wings behind the bubbling beer). I hope the steaks and ribs will be equally tasty and I am eager to visit again with my friends.

Place was nice and cozy. The ambiance was lively, full of cheerful people. Music was good, made a perfect mood to enjoy your food and beverages. Believe me, it is not a costly place. The Pilsner of Drought Beer was Rs.225/- and the bucket of wings was Rs.355/- only and as I said before, every bit of it worth it.

Give it a try, you will love it. Don't go alone! A company would make you enjoy more. Feel free to contact me, if you are running out of a friend! ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hatari, Rashbehari Avenue, Enjoy the Queue!

Hatari is quite a known place in South Calcutta and quite known to me by the address. I have heard a lot about the good quality of food and of course witnessed the surprisingly long queue for table in from of Hatari. For no reason, I could not make it to Hatari till last month.

Finally it was a pleasant Saturday afternoon and I was quite hungry. I was with one of my close friend and after lot of discussion we decided to visit Hatari. We actually thought we would find a table for two easily but to all our surprise there was a queue of around 10 people waiting for table. We registered our name and requested for a table for two. after 30 mins, we were asked to went inside and we got our table.

1000 watt Hatari expectations suddenly dimmed like 25 watt. The ambiance was very old and not up to the mark. A bit of disappointment for both of us and judgment by then was all upon the food. The order was taken quite quickly and we ordered Crispy Chillie Baby Corn as starter, followed by mixed Hakka Noodle and Hunan Chicken. I tried Hunan Chicken before in Bar-b-Que, Park Street and it was Hot and Spicy. I ordered it with the same expectations.

Here comes our food now. First the Crispy Baby Corn. It was okay I can say. I have tasted better snack than this. The noodle was really good. Good in both taste and quantity. We really enjoyed it. What about the Hunan Chicken? What was that? A white, semi-clear, soup-like course with bell-peppers and shredded chicken for a Jaundice Patient? My liver even rejected it after having a little portion. I really do not know, who is right. Is it Hot and Spicy BBQ one or this broth for stomach upset? I have never been to Hunan Province, China however Wiki says BBQ was quite right about Hunan Cuisine. So don't be sure about the food, better ask them than being surprised.

Now if you want me to rate it, there are different components, Ambiance 2.5 out of 5, food 3 out of 5 and for price and service 3.5 out of 5. I must mention about the prolonged queue while leaving the place.

Here are glimpse of food we had...

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