Saturday, November 5, 2016

Only Alibaba Gold, Park Circus the Royal Feast

I have always been a Alibaba Mutton Biryani fan. Whenever I feel hungry for good mutton biryani, I look for Only Alibaba (the DLF-I Newtown outlet made my life real easy :D ). When I came to know about Only Alibaba Gold, I could instantaneously imagine the royalty and could dream satisfying my savoury with all the Nawabi and Mughal dishes.

Unfortunately Park Circus does not come across any of my way and my dream started fading away until that very afternoon when I was around Park Circus and looking for a place for lunch. When I searched on Zomato, I noticed Only Alibaba Gold top of the list. I made my mind and headed for a ecstatic lunch.

The Empty restaurant was just waiting for me. At first I was bit surprised with the loneliness of the place but recovered quickly with glimpse at my watch. It was 2 pm and Kolkata people can go out for dinner but not lunch. It was a warm welcome for me and all of them were ready to serve me. However the ambience is not so royal except some large pictures. Who cares the Ambience if the food is mouth watering. I was accompanied by one of close friend and we ordered a plate of Mutton Boti Kebab to start with. They took a little extra time for the dish since it was mutton and the dish came with six large piece of boneless mutton well garnished and filled the whole place with a charismatic aroma. Our hunger doubled and we controlled our basic instinct to jump on the food until it was served by the restaurant crew.

We were struck with awesomeness. Aromatic mutton was lucrative with bell peppers. Choice of spices was just excellent. The price was around Rs.300/- which I believe is quite worthy. Then the same Mutton Biryani from Alibaba and we were filled upto our throat leaving no space for a dessert (I had a plan for Baked Rabri with Kulfi).

Overall a very nice experience, 4 out of 5 I would rate. Just avoid to have lunch there if possible. Since they don't expect you at lunch, you may not find the mutton as tender as the same at dinner. ;)

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