Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the Jungle - Machaan, Mani Square


The first word came to my mind.

What a place!! Furnished with Trees, a Jungle house with wooden balcony and lots of wild animals [of course stuffed!! ;)]. you may find the space a little dark but let me tell you the feeling you'll cherish there, will not come without that darkness. In fact the spoons are of tree shape to give you a wild feel [;)]. The ambiance is awesome!!

Now! I think that was enough to describe the ambiance in Machaan and we should come directly to the point. SUPERB!! and yes, it was. We were four friends out for lunch a few days back. We ordered Jungli Masalo Ki Run (Rs.625/-), Jaffrani Mutton Biriyani (Rs.350/-) and Murg Hari Mirch(do not remember exact name and price). Except the Murg item both the other two were great in taste and all of them were huge in quantity. I would like to mention specially about the Mutton Run. It was full of pure mutton with minimum spices which I liked most. The mutton was soft and tendered and a little roasted. It was simply delicious. We ordered just one plate of that and it was sufficient for all of us [:O]. Now comes the Biriyani. The flavor I can smell from a mile away. A very tasty, rich in Saffron flavor biriyani with lots of meat in it. One such plate of biriyani was sufficient for 2 of us. Now I must tell you about the worst and that was the Murg Hari Mirch (or whatever it was). I hope you have noticed that I have already forgot everything else about the item except the taste. I found a few pieces of chickens are merged in a green sauce (probably made with Hari Mirch and some green herbs like Mint or Coriander). The chicken pieces had no taste in it and the overall taste was hot and nothing else. I could not foind a single flavor in it and so did not understand what the item should go with. I do not feel it can go with any roti, paratha, nun and definitely not with Biriyani. Whatever, a good experience does not need all good things to happen, a few sourly incidents may add more to it. Machaan well deserves a 8/10 rating from me. :)

I thank to my friends who drove me there for such a wonderful experience. I wish you all go there at least for once and taste the Janglee Masalo ki Run to satisfy your tongue and soul...
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