Saturday, February 2, 2013

...go Go Lebanese! Sarat Bose Road

Thanks Suchit! Thanks a lot my friend for suggesting me to visit Go Lebanese.

I would have missed one of the most important part of my quest for new flavors and taste without visiting Go Lebanese. I have been looking for an exquisite foreign cuisine for so long (within budget of course, as I cannot afford a 5 star multi-cuisine) and it's all because of you Suchit that I had such a delicious experience.

I don't know why Mediterranean dishes has always attracted me over TV Channels, magazines etc and so when I first heard about Go Lebanese, I was very much excited. I was excited to taste an oversea food that too within a convenient distance.

So far I have visited Go Lebanese twice and tasted (tested?) 2 of their famous dishes. Both are really nice, Shawarma Roll and Hummus Nasib. Shawarma Roll is chunks of marinated and grilled chicken with fresh vegetables and lots of Tahini (sesame paste) rolled in Peta Bread. Hummus Nasib was same chicken chunks tossed with vegetables and black olives, served with sliced Peta Bread and Hummus (a thick sauce made with chickpeas, olive oil). Shawarma Roll was Rs.85/- and Hummus Nasib was Rs.100/- only. Both were pretty heavy and very very delicious. Few other famous dishes are Irani Fish Tikka, Baba Ganouje, Oil Free Full Roasted Chicken, Falafel etc which are well known Lebanese dishes.

If you can think beyond Machh-Bhaat (fish curry & rice) and imagine flavors other than our very spicy dishes with lots of oil and want to experience Mediterranean delicacy, it's a place you should visit. As it's a take-away outlet, it does not pinch your pocket hard as well. I give a 10 out of 10 to Go Lebanese.

Enjoying Humus Naseeb at Go Lebanese with Gopal


  1. Go Lebanese.... Truly good experience, and know what its now near Ayojnagar too

  2. Hey Kollol, thanks my friend, it's a pleasure to suggest different delicacies to serious and experimental food lovers like you. I know from experience that food first deserves respect and then treatment, no doubt you both in abundance. Bon appetit, next time we'll say it together mate :)!!

    1. Typo errors man...."you have both in abundance" anytime mate..cheers!


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