Monday, February 22, 2016

Best Indian Beef Item in Kolkata, Nafeel, Park Circus

There can be a lot of Beef delicacy around Park Street or many high profile Restaurants, but when it comes to our very Indian dishes like Beef Biryani, Beef Chaap, Beef Bhuna or Beef Tikiya, you can surely give a visit to Nafeel, Park Circus.

Opposite to Jeesun and Park Circus Tram Depot, Nafeel shines in the corner with 3.5 Rating from Zomato, including my 4.5.

I visited Nafeel quite a few time and mostly for the Biryani. Surprisingly the biryani costs just around Rs.50/- and the sides around Rs.25/-. Too cheap to trust, is'nt it?

Anyway it's not a place to have food in their facility as the ambience is not good at all and that is why I considered it as a take away.

Let me tell you about the Biryani I had. It was quite good at the quantity and tastes reasonably good. And the meat? It was just awesome. As soft and tender as mutton, full of flavor. For such a cheap price it was like heaven.

If you are looking for good Indian beef dishes, you should not waist time and get there quickly. Enjoy the meat! :)

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