Sunday, March 24, 2013

Golden Joy in China Town, Tangra

After 31st Dec, 2012 this was our first party at Golden Joy, China Town. There was couple of reason behind it like promotion, bonus etc which we want to keep secret.

We were an hour behind the scheduled time on 22nd March, Friday and everybody was furious to reach the pre-decided destination. When reached Golden Joy all of us were super hungry and the attendant did had to wait any long. We ordered the starters in flash!

I preferred Whiskey that day and others ordered Rum and Vodka. We were discussing a dish that is available there for quite a long time and we ordered that first, a plate of Golden Prawns. Along with that we ordered Dry Chile Chicken, Threaded Chicken and Golden Fish.

Being honest I must say, the Golden items (both prawn & Fish ) were pretty ordinary in taste but not the cost. Both the things were fried with a golden coating. They used an ordinary batter made which is very similar to Fish Butter Fry or Fish Orli. The texture were good and it was obviously a nice choice to have with liquor. They served a hot green chile sauce which I felt a must apply on the golden fries.

Dry Chile Chicken is a very popular item nowadays and it was as good as available in any good Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata. Threaded Chicken was an absolute surprise. Very simply made but pretty tasty. soft tender chicken coated with crispy noodles. I really could not follow all the price after having a few pegs but what I remember is that, the golden items were pretty costly like around Rs.400/- a plate and others were around Rs.250/-.

Then we had Noodles and I had a Pork one. The noodle was tasty as usual. And that's all we really had no space left for anything else. I enjoyed the ambiance. It is a small place but well decorated.

I must mention one thing for those who do not know the fact that you can have whole bottle of liquor which may slash the cost a lot. So you can enjoy your drink there at much cheaper cost.

I would say there are lot many options in China Town and Golden Joy is one of the good choice.

Golden Prawns
Dry Chile Chicken
Threaded Chicken
Golden Fish


"Flavour it takes,flavour it makes, flavour it breaks a foodie's pilgrimage"
First of all, hats off to Kollolda for creating such a great community for us, the boisterous, ardent foodies of bengal..your regular updates on diversified n unique food joints of Kolkata r really like a guide. Whatever it is, we just can't compromise with our food.
Being a member, feeling great to share sum thoughts and opinions. Just came across a new food joint here at Kasba, near my place.. It's called "Vesselka". they claim where the world cuisine comes home..
i was strolling with one of my friend at my para. Suddenly, he suggested me to have a a sandwich at a new food joint, he cudn't remember the name.. however, he clearly remembered the location.. I don't know, maybe my stomach was rambling out of hunger... i asked him whether we cud go now? it was already 9.00 pm.. he gave me an awful reaction... however, nagging wid my parents i manged the car keys and we both sailed to our destination.. it's a small joint. located on Bose Pukur road,, just beside the place where the Bose Pukur puja is celebrated. u'll find it on ur righ side if u are coming from gariahat. as we reached there.. we some sum really busy men.. working their brains out to serve a small crowd of customers.. The joint has a big hoarding in blue.. written "Vesselka". as we stopped our car,.. a small boy came out running to our car and provided us their menu card.. They really offers an unique cocktail; of almost every known cuisines to us. be it Indian, Chinese, Oriental, Italian, Continental and a hell lot of other things. We just ordered at chicken Mayo Sandwich.. it looked very average.. with some french fries over it.. we the mouth watering taste felt like paradise across our tongues.. they offers a very reasonable price and a lots and lots of variety to make u go crazy.. (They even serves Octopus and Squid). the only thing that might look strange that it's not a proper restaurant.. But trust me, if ur inquisitive enough for ur food. u surely have to be here. Try it..

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Only Alibaba!! Saltlake, Sector-V

I do love Biryani a lot, though I am little biased towards Continental and Mediterranean but obviously the flavour of Biryani really matters and I keep searching for it. I have tried Biryani in Lukhnow, Delhi and obviously at many places in Kolkata. Unfortunately I haven't yet visited Hyderabad to taste it's world famous patent Hyderabadi Biryani, though my wife tasted once and one of my close friend Ani is staying in Hyderabad. :(

Among many I liked the Mutton Biryani from Only Alibaba, Saltlake, Sector-V the most in recent time. You can say that the outlet I am talking about is just a franchise and it's the same taste and flavour of Biryani in all Alibaba outlets. Let me tell you a fact that the huge sale in Sector-V outlet has made a big difference, you'll always find fresh dish as per your choice. And obviously I love it more because the staff there welcome you with warmth in their heart.

Few days back I had Sepcial Mutton Biryani. It was a mistake! I had no idea about the quantity and it was plenty. Huge chunk of mutton highly enriched with taste, a large piece of potato soft like butter with lots of flavor and taste made the whole thing absolutely majestic. I ordered Tar Biryani, it's the biryani from the bottom of the pot with lots of oil. I feel there is no point thinking of health while having a special biryani from alibaba. The Tar is always tasty. You just don't need anything on the side, just the biryani was enough alone. The mutton was soft and tender and highly flavoured. In fact while writing this blog, my mouth watered a lot, thinking of it.

The price of the special one was Rs.190/- and do not miss the Firni. It's Rs.30/- only and delicious as well. After the meaty taste, your tongue deserves something sweet like the firni...

photo courtesy

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Imarti at Tiwari Brothers, Burrabazar

Another sweet story! This time a well known Bengali dessert in a North Indian packet.

If you have ever visited Cotton Street, Burrabazar (near Satyanarayan Park A.C. market), you must have noticed the large red glow-sign of Tiwari Brothers. They are famous for many other snacks and desserts like Samosa, Halwa, Ghevar (a special marwari delicacy) etc. Among these an Imarti is always special. Imarti is our beloved "Amriti" or "Omriti", a complex but well designed Jalebi made from Besan; soaked in sugar syrup. Tiwari Bros has added an extra flavour of saffron or Keshar to the syrup for a special flick.

My wife went to buy some Sharees from Burrabazar and I asked her to try Imarti from Tiwari Bros. Not being a dessert-lover, she really enjoyed it.

Amazingly the Imarti stays crunchy for hours and thus a bite will bring a heavenly smile on your face all the time. The size really matters and an Imarti was about the size of your palm. :) last time I had each for Rs.8/- only.

Be patience, because the queue can be of 10 people waiting for Imarti, and do not feel embarrassed if you find people packing 100 pcs!!

Lastly, you can see them making all the Imarti in front of you and truly that's an art!

picture courtesy
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