Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sip of Soda @Loknath Soda Shop, Baguihati

I was a kid when I loved Soda drinks. It could be any soda drink. No matter what flavour it is, no matter how cold it is. But after a certain time I only prefer such drink on two occasions. When I feel really thirsty and do not find some good drinking water and on the table with alcohol (that too is very rare nowadays).

Back in 2008-09 I enjoyed soda drinks again but not those bottled and labeled with a huge brand name that every celebrity pretend to drink on TV Ad. It was nice fruit flavours with soda available at YES SIR, Hindmotor.

What I had this evening is a superior version of that. It is in Baguihati, attached to Baguhati Super Market. Loknath Soda Shop, Cold soda drinks with a huge variety of flavours. You won't belive that they have flavours like Grape, Kiwi, Blue Berry and even RUM, Fruit Whiskey and Fruit Beer. 120 ml of drink costs only Rs.6/- and the 300 ml is just for Rs.10/-. That's amazing. May be the price is promotional but this is first time I saw such a wide variety of soda drinks available in my neighborhood. I believe these are available at the heart of the city like Esplanade or the fancy malls at a much costlier price but what I had here for 10 bucks would be my first preference anytime. Believe me people are crazy for a sip (I could not even had a good snap).

The summer is here, what are you waiting for??

                                                               Crowd seeking their turn!

                                                             The Long List of Flavours!!

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