Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Chinese Cuisine at BAR-B-Q Restaurant, Park Street

In the month of June I visited BAR-B-Q, Park Street accompanied by a friend. On a cool rainy afternoon.

I heard a lot about BBQ, before I visited last day, from my friends and colleagues. About it's nice ambiance and good quality of food. I must say the ambiance was really good. I believe a very few restaurants have brighter lights on the dinning floor like BBQ. I think people like the dark environment but I am always fond of light and so I liked it :). And obviously the Park Street factor add more to it.

Now I should tell you about the food. We ordered a plate of Drums of Heaven (approx Rs.150/-), one Hunan Chicken (approx Rs.175/-) and a Plate of Mixed (dont remember exactly; may be Chicken) Hakka Noodle (approx Rs.175/-). YES!! everything we ordered for single plate only, and it was really sufficient for us. We may have less appetite because there was still a small amount noodle and chicken left on the plate. :) Apart from the quantity, the food was really good. The Drums of Heaven was really made in heaven. I have not tasted such good chicken drumstick so far. the little sauce they added in it was great; it was having a nice mixed flavor of Capsicum, Chile, Tomato and Spring onion. The crispy fries with the sauce were mouth watering.

When I ordered the Hunan Chicken, I thought it would some variety of Chinese chicken items with the similar taste we are familiar with but it stunned me with a completely different taste. It was sourly, mostly hot, a little sweetness with a bunch of Chinese flavors. The hotness of the food will not make you cry [ ;) I am the one who hates Hot foods ] but make you feel good with a change of taste in our daily life.

The above two really pleased me a lot but the noodle really failed. After the Drum-of-Heaven the expectation arose as usual but may be for that reason I got disappointed with noodle part. It was not bad at all but I felt it just common noodle in a large quantity. Nothing to complain about but nothing and nothing to appreciate.

Overall a good-food experience at BBQ. For 3-4 person it will be best to try a food variety within limited budget.And Finally a tip for all young pals; it's a very good place for a date. ;)
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