Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Chinese Experience at Chinhua, Chandni Chowk

So some how after my spate of 45 hours works week, I managed to go for a dinner. There was a nip in the air…and the mind was ready to embrace the season..While finding  for something different,  we got “Chinhua”.  An original Chinese restaurant with a two storied domicile in Chandni Chowk. Chinhua is the restaurant with a good rating on various parameters comprising décor, cleanliness, service, taste and value of money. And I must say that I was impressed with the awesome food quality.

We ordered for mixed chow-min (Hakka) and Pork fry (A special item of Chinhua).The price is quite reasonable. The full plate (a larger quantity of chow-min) of chow-min was for Rs 170 and the plate of pork fry (6 pieces) was about Rs. 80. These all items were cooked in sesame oil and a lovely smell and touch was there from the dishes.

Interior was all over decorated with Chinese themes. And I astonished that all the staffs were speaking in Chinese. An old lady was supervising every thing. And they are quite friendly. I was amazed with their co operation and behavior.

My greedy stomach felt really happy with the golden grace of Chinhua.

 The Mixed Chowmein

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Great Rasomalai @ VIP (or V. I. P.) Sweets, Baguihati, Joramandir

While going towards Airport through VIP Road, there is a crossing after Baguihati Bust Stop called Jora Mandir Bus Stop. Right at the crossing you will see a huge outlet, VIP Sweets and Confectioneries.

They have a lot of varieties in different desserts, mostly Bengali desserts like Rasogolla, Kara Paker Sandesh, Cham Cham, various other Sandesh in different flavours, shapes and colors. I found interest in two particular Items, i.e. Gulab Jamun and Rasomalai.

They have two variety of Rosomalai, small chhena (cottage cheese) balls in plain white malai flavoued with cardamom and the other one is large balls in yummy Kesar (Saffron) flavoured and colored thick malai. For obvious reason I like the second one the most. Whenever I visit them, I have at least two of them. Very very soft, soaked in the delicious creamy malai. In fact my mouth is watering while writing this piece. If possible, give it a try someday.

Will upload images soon. Enjoy :)

Picture Courtesy Bharatiya Khana Khazana

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