Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mutton Kosha @ Koshe Kosha Golpark

Last weekend we had a treat from one our friend Kunal for his Birthday. Though the birthday was on 5th June, but we waited for more than 2 months to have all of us on the table!! Like me, Kunal too is a food lover and love to taste different flavors. If you can believe, we will be visiting Lucknow this winter to taste Tunday ke Kabab! Keeping our affection towards food, when I was asked to suggest a place for the treat, I said Koshe Kosha at Fern Road, Golpark.

Few days before the treat I tasted the Kosha Mangsho (Mutton Kosha) from Koshe Kosha in my office. One of friend brought it from the same place (other branch is at Hatibagan). two of my friend suggested any Chinese Cuisine but I had to reject as I see a Chinese dish very frequent on my table. Mughlai was not possible as were running short of time and all of us believe that Mughlai Dishes need time and patience. So all of us agreed to have something from our very own Bengali Cuisine.

Place was excellent in terms of ambiance. Perfect environment was created to have a perfect traditional Bengali feel. We ordered Prawn Cutlets for all of us as the starter. It costs Rs100/- per plate and obviously each plate contains a single piece of Cutlet. I must say the the Cutlet does not worth a Rs.100/-, that's all. In the main course we ordered the very obvious Kosha Mangsho (Mutton Kosha), with Pulao and Ghee Rice. The Mutton Kosha costs Rs.160/- a plate, Ghee Rice for Rs.60/- and the Pulao costs Rs.75/-. One of my friend order Bekti Paturi, costs Rs.150/- and contains two pieces of Paturi (Paturi is Fillet of fish, Bekti or Hilsha wrapped in Banana Leaf which we call Kola Pata in Bengali with spices like mustard and then fried or steamed in some cases; the name Paturi is originated from Pata). I was not feeling to have Fish at that moment, however I tasted from my friend and it was not bad.

The Pulao was ok and nothing to say about the Ghee Rice. It's almost plain rice with ghee and some kaju badam. Quantity was not that good but closely suffice one person. The Mutton Kosha was no doubt the best item we had. Very good, rich taste and we could feel that the dish is enriched with traditional bengali flavors (appreciating the tag line "Purano Sei Diner Kosha"). But again the quantity was not good. There were only 4 small pieces of mutton, that too with bones.

My final rating would be like 6 out of 10. It could be 8/10 but the high price and less quantity overall restricts me to give that good rating....But again loved the ambiance...


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