Saturday, June 30, 2012

Radu Babu's Famous Cutlets

Age old Lake Market and the famous Radu Babu's Cutlets! I have heard about this Tea shop so many times and from so many mouths, my curiosity became sky high! Food Critics like Nandan Bagchi has mentioned Radu Babu's Cutlet more than once. So it became a must visit place for me.

On the same day I visited Grub Club (mentioned in my previous blog), we had nothing to do in the gloomy afternoon. By that time one of our friend already left for Mumbai and we all were a little sad for him. It was me who suggested to visit Radu Babu's place just for experience. I thought it can be a little boost for people.

After all this curiosity and interest, we ended with more depression than bidding farewell to our friend who left for Mumbai. All we found a very; VERY oily chunk without minimum taste. The only chicken in the Chicken Cutlet I found, in the menu card. I had also heard that the tea was special but the one we tasted was worst than many tea stall. I believe the past deserves all the appreciation but the present needs serious attention. I doubt how they can survive with this quality of service. But still you must visit the place to know the place, where many great Bengalis had a snack or tea. The rating can be 2 out of 10 for being a heritage place.

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